Market Research

Do you need to expand your market research nationwide? If so, Infinite’s market research solutions may be just what you need. Our leading phone and web conferencing services offer market research solutions that include valuable reach and flexibility in an incredibly affordable package.

Infinite’s market research solutions may be just what you need

Depending on your type of research, any number of invitees from anywhere in the world may participate in your study, survey, or research project.

Online Market Research Focus Groups

By combining our operator-assisted phone conferencing with our WebInterpoint web conferencing, you can conduct nationwide online focus groups using visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, document sharing, control passing, text messaging, polling, and more.

Our live operator will greet your participants and collect the information you request before separating moderators and participants into appropriate sub-conference rooms. Whether participants dial in or we dial out to them, our operators will read introductions and closing scripts, provide focus group monitoring, and follow through with customized post-conference follow up reports.

Infinite has the solution for your market research needs. Call 1.888.203.7900 for a no-obligation consultation, demo, or competitive quotation today!