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Operator-Assisted Feature Enhancements

Included Features


• Reservation Confirmation
Fax or e-mail confirmation of the reservation with conferencing details.

• Operator Monitoring
If requested, our professional Conference Operator monitors the entire conference to assist with required features such as Q&A, Polling, Sub-Conferencing, Group Muting, etc., or to simply answer questions and help with call flow.

• Presentation Mode
All participant lines are muted and only the speaker(s) may be heard.

• Question & Answer (Q&A)
Used in conjunction with Presentation Mode, the Speaker gives opening remarks then asks the Conference Operator to facilitate a Q&A session. The Conference Operator then instructs participants how to queue up and introduces them by name to acknowledge their questions.

• Polling
Used in conjunction with Presentation Mode, the Speaker provides the Conference Operator with a list of multiple choice questions, along with the available answers prior to the start of the conference. After the Chair reads the questions in conference, participants may cast their votes by pressing the number on their touchtone phone that corresponds with their answer of choice

• Sub-conferencing
Separates the Speaker(s) from the main conference, and is used to communicate with the Conference Operator prior to conference start time. Any sub-group of callers can be placed into their own private conference. For larger calls, all speakers are typically placed into a sub-conference before the main conference begins.

• Music-on-Hold
Callers are placed into music-on-hold until the Speakers are ready to begin the conference.

• Communications Line
Used as a private line with the Conference Operator to discuss call details before and/or during a conference.

• Roll Call
Performed by the Conference Operator, an announcement of participants' names at the beginning of the conference.

• Security: Password Protection & Conference Lock
A conference is secured by allowing entry to only those callers with your designated password, or entry is denied to late-comers and/or uninvited guests.

• Miscellaneous Others
Announce Entry, Entry and Exit Tones, Self Mute, Group Mute


Optional Service Enhancements


    • Call Notification
    Participants are called by a live Infinite Conferencing representative to inform them of an upcoming conference and provide instructions.

    • Call Registration / RSVP
    Setup fee includes a branded toll-free number (optional) for invitees to call and RSVP. Weekly registration reports are e-mailed or faxed.

    • Custom, On-hold Message & Music
    Have callers hear your custom, scripted message along with music while they are in the "lobby" (after being greeted by an operator, but before the conference begins).

    • Voice Broadcast
    Simultaneously sends pre-recorded invitations and/or reminders by voice message to a few, hundreds, or thousands of invitees, regardless of whether the call is answered live or voicemail/answering machine is detected.

    • Fax/E-Mail Broadcast
    Typically used to send invitations and/or visual aids to participants prior to the conference.

    • Participation Report
    A report of those who participated on the conference call. The list is inclusive of any information requested to be retrieved from participants prior to being placed into the call (name, company, phone number, etc.)..

    • Digital Replay
    Digitally records the conference call for immediate availability following the conference. Ideal for those unable to attend the live call. Listeners dial a toll-free or toll number anytime they choose, dial an entry code, and instantly begin hearing the conference call.

    • Digital Replay Participation Report
    List of system usage for Digital Replay. If unique PIN codes are issued, we can give you comprehensive contact information for each caller.

    • CD or Tape
    A copy of the recorded conference is sent immediately following the conference.

    • WAV File Download
    Your conference is digitally recorded and stored as a WAV file. We simply give you a URL (hyperlink) to retrieve it.

    • Transcription
    A written copy of the conference call dialogue available is delivered to you via e-mail or fax.

    • Web Conferencing / Webcasting
    Our Web conferencing is great for everyday online meetings and presentations. It is easy to use and requires no advance reservation.

    Webcasting allows you to reach the masses via the Internet. With audio streaming technology, your participants only need a Net-connected computer with speakers to hear the live conference call. Our Webcasting service also offers PowerPoint slideshows, polling, text-based Q&A, and speaker photos or video streaming.


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Web Conferencing

A powerful, yet simple to use tool for securely performing presentations on the Internet.

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Visual Webcaster

Web Conferencing

Visual Presenter is a user-friendly platform that allows Hosts to prepare and launch their Webcasting event.

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Onstream Media

Visual Presenter


Web Conferencing

With WebEx, you can share just about any application from your desktop with your conference participants via the web, just as you would in a face-to-face meeting

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Live Meeting

Web Conferencing

With Live Meeting, you can add just about any visual medium from your desktop to your conference call to share with all your participants.

Install the Outlook plug-in
How to schedule and invite participants
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Live Meeting

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