Event Management

Infinite understands the critical nature of your webinar and offers solutions to ensure your success. Selecting the right combination of technologies for even the most complex corporate event, and producing the event on schedule and within budget, is a daunting task that can absorb valuable company resources. Infinite offers comprehensive event consulting, management, and production services designed to relieve the burden of planning such events; this will leave you to focus strictly on content, leaving the logistics to us. Our event management team serves as a single point of contact for handling all the details surrounding your high-level events, from consultation and planning through production and follow-up.

..producing the event on schedule and within budget, is a daunting task that can absorb valuable company resources

Infinite taps its own portfolio of conferencing technologies to develop the optimal solution for your event. The result is a customized blend of resources, technologies, and processes designed to maximize the impact and success of your event.

Event Management Overview:

Project Management - Your Producer directs all activities leading up to, including and after your event

  • Content creation for all invitee/registrant communications
  • Registrant processing, reporting and reminders
  • Presenter training, script refinement, dry-runs
  • Event Management Team organization
  • Event timeline review and management
  • Web presentation technology management

Event Coordination

  • Phone conference operator scheduling and preparation
  • Recording of event: archived for on-demand playback
  • Post-event deliverables: CDs, transcriptions, surveys, etc.
  • Post-event reporting and quality assurance review

Presenter Training

  • Technology/tool training
  • Best practices, tips and tricks
  • Script reviews and dry-runs

Technical Support & Customer Service - Our professional support team is ready to help during your event:

  • Fast resolution of any computer-related problems
  • Live operator support for conference callers
  • Live event monitoring throughout

Reporting - Comprehensive reporting of registrants, attendees and feedback:

  • Calculate ROI from lead generation
  • Polling responses
  • Customized, post-event survey of attendees

Audio & Web - Get the right technology to deliver your content and maximize participation

  • Phone Conferencing: can be fully operator-assisted or automated via PIN code prompts (monitored throughout regardless)
  • Video and/or audio streaming available
  • Web delivery: slideshows, application/desktop sharing, polling text Q&A, file transfer and many more features