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Infinite Conferencing - Autumn 2011

Autumn is an exciting time. Football, leaves, pumpkin picking, and new services from Infinite Conferencing.

Currently in Beta, in the upcoming months, Infinite will be releasing Mobile Webcasting, which will allow our clients to optionally add mobile support to any live audio or video webcast. When enabled, this feature allows viewers to access a webcast via their mobile device without having to download any applications or plug-ins. It provides the same user experience as a traditional webcast, including synchronized slides and interactive tools, all through your mobile device.

Wanna see it in action? We recently did a test run on an HTC phone and recorded the following video.

(Video hosted on YouTube; 3 minutes and 5 seconds long)



Want to be a part of the innovation? To participate in our Beta testing, e-mail us at beta@infiniteconferencing.com or contact your sales representative.

Sabrina George
Vice President of Marketing

HubSpot logo

One of our most important partners set a Guinness World Record and Infinite was happy to be a part of it!

HubSpot, a widely-popular inbound Marketing tool, recently set a Guinness World Record for having the most attended informational webinar for their "Science of Social Media" webinar. In total, Hubspot had 30,247 registrants and 10,899 attendees for the digital event and Infinite Conferencing provided the technology. Just as we trust HubSpot for many of our Marketing needs, HubSpot trusted Infinite to handle such a large audience and it went off without a hitch.

To read about the event in-depth, check out The Webinar Blog's article on the event here.

Monty Gamble, Client Services

Monty Gamble

Monty's title at Infinite Conferencing lists him as a "Client Services Representative", but spend a few minutes talking to him and you get the feeling that what he offers is a whole lot more.

He's been with IC for three and a half years now, moving from Operations to Client Services, in an effort to utilize his extensive background in sales and service. Ideally, he'd use those skills to train others in the field, a passion he developed over his varied career paths all over the country. A former life as a sales representative for a major insurance company and as a corporate trainer have lead Monty to a place where his personality and skill-set make him ideally suited to the field of customer relations and service.

Read more about Monty here.

Tulane University campus

Tulane University of New Orleans is over 170 years old, has over 12,000 students, and several campuses scattered throughout the southern United States (as well as in five other countries).

All this space and all these people equal an obvious problem: How does the school manage their telecommunications within a reasonable budget?

Tulane chose Infinite Conferencing to provide the University with a cost-effective and easily-accessible system. The results from this case study can be found here.


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