Infinite Conferencing - Fall 2013

In this edition, we'll provide you with a preview of our latest web conferencing technology, Smart Cloud Meetings, which will allow presenters to share their presentation, application or desktop with mobile and tablet users on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. This game changing technology does not require any downloads for desktop users and is an excellent collaboration tool for sales demonstrations and collaborative sessions. Click here to get on the beta list.

As you are probably aware, we are all about webinars! We love them and try our best to provide the best solutions on the market. As such, we’d like to call your attention to a webinar will be hosting on Tuesday, October 3rd @ 2pm EST, presented by our special guest, Ken Molay of Webinar Success, titled “Tips for Boosting the ROI of Marketing Webinars”. This informative session will provide you with insights on maximizing your webinar ROI potential. This must attend event is free and will provide a live Q&A following the presentation, to answer your burning questions.

This summer was all about thought leadership and as such, we invited guest speakers, Craig Badings and Dr. Liz Alexander to share their thoughts and best practices on this important topic. Please be sure to check them out.

We hope you find this Newsletter interesting and informative, and look forward to your feedback and ideas for future issues.

The Infinite Team

SmartCloud Meetings: Sneak Peak

Get on the beta list.

B2B companies often need to present sales pitches to their clients to show them how their products or services will help them better serve their own customers. A sales demo is a great way to showcase what you can offer to other businesses. However, instead of hosting this demo in person, you can reach an even larger audience by using webinars. Follow these sales tips to increase your reach and promote your goods or services through web conferencing in a way that will create genuine interest in what your business has to offer. Read more...

When searching for a webcam for your business purposes, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the vast number of choices available; as the advances in technology and the variety of features included can make it difficult to make the right choice. However, once you know more about how they work and what types of features you are likely to need, you will be able to make your decision easier. Read more...

Today, more companies are making use of web solutions to allow their employees to telecommute several days a week. While telecommuting can be beneficial for the employees, it is also beneficial for the organization as a whole, saving money in several areas. If you are contemplating the option of allowing employees to telecommute, consider the following to help you weigh the benefits against the costs. Read more...

Many businesses rely on talking on the telephone on a regular basis. However, when you are dealing with business, it is often best to have your hands free so you can multi-task as you talk on the phone, even if it’s something as simple as typing on the computer. This is why it is so important to ensure you choose the right headset for your needs so you can get everything you need done. In general, there are two aspects to consider: your working environment and your preferred wearing method. Read more...

Whether you are hosting a webinar or a presentation to your company, you may want to make use of PowerPoint to create a good presentation. Before you get started, you may wonder what exactly makes a PowerPoint slide good. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. However, if you use these guidelines, you will be able to create PowerPoint slides that are right for your presentation. Read more...

When Section 508 was passed, it created a requirement for all federal government agencies to make their communications more accessible to people who have disabilities. This includes all electronic and information technology. This Section was created to help eliminate the barriers that can keep people with disabilities from obtaining important information everyone else has access to. It was also intended to help agencies develop new technologies to provide information in a way everyone can benefit from it. Read more...

Did you know?

  • Infinite’s webinars are 508 compliant
  • A rehearsal/training is included with our webinar service
  • We can provide payment processing or pay per view options
  • Our webinars can be accessed on any mobile device - no downloads required!
  • Add continuing education to an event and provide pre-populated certificates upon completion

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