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Q: In what year and state was Onstream Media incorporated?

Onstream Media was incorporated on May 17, 1993 in the state of Florida.

Q: On what exchange does Onstream Media Corporation common stock trade and what is the trading symbol?

Our common stock trades on OTC Markets under the symbol ONSM.

Q: When did Onstream Media Corporation go public?

On July 30, 1997 Onstream Media Corporation completed an initial public offering of 1,000,000 shares of common stock.

Q: What are the voting rights for holders of Onstream Media Corporation?

Holders of our common stock are entitled to one vote per share for the election of directors and with respect to all other matters submitted to a vote of shareholders. Shares of common stock do not have cumulative voting rights.

Q: When do the fiscal quarters end?

Onstream Media Corporation has a September 30th fiscal year end. As such, our fiscal year quarters begin and end as follows:

Quarter One: October 1 through December 31
Quarter Two: January 1 through March 31
Quarter Three: April 1 through June 30
Quarter Four: July 1 through September 30

Q: When does Onstream Media Corporation release its results?

Onstream Media Corporation does not have official dates as to when results are released. Generally, we release quarterly results within 45 days of the quarter ending for all quarters except the fourth quarter when an annual report is filed within 90 days of the fiscal year end.

Q: How many employees does Onstream Media Corporation have?

We currently have approximately 100 full-time employees including our subsidiaries.

Q: Who is Onstream Media Corporation's outside legal counsel?

Roetzel & Andress LPA, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Q: Does Onstream Media Corporation issue dividends?

No, we have never declared or paid any cash dividends on our common stock. We currently expect to retain future earnings to finance the growth and development of our business.

Q: Who is Onstream Media Corporation's transfer agent?

The transfer agent and registrar for our common stock is:
Interwest Transfer Co., Inc.
1981 Murray Holladay Road, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

Q: Who can I contact about specific investor relations issues?

If you are unable to find the desired investor related information about Onstream Media Corporation on this web site, you may forward your question(s) to:

Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates LLC
One Grand Central Place
60 East 42nd Street, Suite 2534
New York, NY 10165 USA
Telephone: +1.212.370.4500