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Partner with Infinite

Boost your sales by partnering with one of the industry’s leading conferencing services provider for small businesses.

Save customers more than 50% on telecom costs per year with reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use service. Take advantage of significant income opportunities for sales agents, referral partners, IT consultants, value-added resellers and more.

Shorten your sales cycles and generate income faster with Infinite’s online account management and provisioning tools.

You'll also benefit from:

• Competitive commissions and residual payments

• Auto-provisioning

• 24 x 7 technical support

• Pay-as-you-go model

• Detailed billing

• Online account management tools

• No hassle guarantee

• Partner sales and marketing tools

To learn more about how to become an Infinite Sales Agent or Reseller, please contact:

Omar Maratouk
Vice President of Sales
888-203-7900 x 102